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Multigenerational Travel

Create Family Bonds that Last a Lifetime

We believe that your family vacation should be deeply satisfying – all about connecting with the world and reconnecting as a family. You’ll never forget the look on your grandchild’s face as she takes in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for the first time… your son’s gaping jaw when a penguin waddles up to him… the “wows” that erupt during a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti… or the laughter of your children dressed in 17th century garb at a real château, as they learn to curtsy and fence! They’ll never forget it either. See the sights you’ve dreamed of sharing with your children and grandchildren, exploring places that speak to your hearts, lift your spirits, and stimulate your minds. The experiences, bonds, and memories you will share as a family will be cherished forever.

We Do All the Work. You Have All the Fun.

How can you fully experience a new place and spend real time with your family if you’re also absorbed with every minute travel detail, like luggage, tips, taxis, tickets, and everything else? You can’t. We attend to the little things – so you won’t miss the big things. Read more about how we make traveling easy for you.

Celebrate Anniversaries on a Tauck Bridges trip

Graduations, Celebrations, Reunions

When it comes to family milestones, there’s nothing as special as gathering the whole clan to share the magic of travel – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grown-up siblings, children, and even friends and their children – while spending precious time together. It’s a terrific way for families to get to know one another better, especially when demanding schedules and long distances keep you apart in your everyday lives. And the best part of having Tauck Bridges take care of all the day-to-day details of your family vacation is that the only orchestration required of you is choosing the trip and departure date!

Llama in Peru

Imagine this…

  • Singing “Happy Birthday” together to a loved one on the rim of the Grand Canyon
  • Celebrating your family reunion aboard a riverboat… and in fairy tale castles steeped in history
  • Congratulating your graduate in the “lost city” of Machu Picchu – with llamas nearby
  • Toasting a golden anniversary and waltzing at a Viennese palace

“My parents, through Tauck, gave their grandchildren the opportunity to see the bigger world at a young age when things really leave an impression… Our family (15 of us!) enjoyed every moment of the Tanzanian safari.”

– Leslie Sheppard Conroy, Virginia

Private Departures for Just Your Family and Friends

If you’re looking for a private travel experience for your family, a Tauck Bridges family adventure can fit the bill. Purchased exclusively for your very own group, your trip will be unforgettable. Learn more about Exclusive Departures.

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Tauck Bridges Experience

Before You Go…

  • Let the kids help choose the trip. They’ll love the feeling of being included in the decision-making and be much more likely to be active participants along the way.
  • Set the stage by reading up. Share tips and comments from past guests in trip reviews and blogs, and explore the great books on our recommended reading list for the destinations ahead.

On the Journey…

  • Go tech free. Tune in to shared conversations, discoveries, and reflections on the road. Consider leaving tech gadgets at home or limiting them to non-group times. Being present for the incredible experiences you’ll have together is a rare opportunity. 
  • Get to know your fellow travelers. You’ll be with families who enjoy similar interests, activities, and places. Lead by example, and the kids will follow – making new friends pumps up the fun!
  • Share your cameras with the kids. It’s a great way to get them engaged in the world around them, and their unique perspectives will add to everyone’s fun.

Photography on Tour

Once You’re Back…

  • Preserve the memories. Families often tell us that the quality time they shared on one of our trips ranks among the best ever. Capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments in an album – and encourage the kids to make one too.
  • Enter the Tauck Bridges Photo Contest. Send us your best shots from your Tauck Bridges family adventure for a chance to win a $2,000 Tauck travel voucher – and good luck! Click here to enter.

“I believe that these tours are good for both parents/grandparents and their kids because it allows both to do what they enjoy most. I very much enjoyed this trip because I was able to see things I wanted to see and I was with people that I enjoyed spending time with.”

– Jacob, age 12, Majestic California: The Pacific, Redwoods & Yosemite

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