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The Islands of Hawaii: America's Dream Vacation

It's hardly surprising that winter-weary Americans are pining for an exotic getaway. But their ideal destination doesn't require vaccinations or even a passport: according to a new poll, an overwhelming number of Americans dream of vacationing on the islands of Hawaii. And who can blame them? The 50th state – replete with a tropical climate, ...
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While Most Americans Vacation Close to Home, Their Dreams Travel Farther

America is, famously, a nation of dreamers. We play the lottery, design overly large houses and flock to movies with clichéd -- but happy! -- endings. It seems that our relentless optimism also extends into our leisure time:  According to a new poll, while many Americans are happily taking modest vacations relatively close to home, we c...
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7 Tips for Spectacular Nature Photos

It’s surprisingly easy to capture the beauty of the world’s great natural landscapes when you follow James Hutchison’s simple photo tips. A veteran landscape and nature photographer who has spent years in the shadows of the majestic Canadian Rockies, Hutchison often gives guests pointers during Tauck’s Canadian Roc...
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Posted by Jessica Reaves - freelance writer for Tauck on 1/30/2014
Posted in: Travel Tips
Tags: How-To, Photos, Canada

Seven Great Family Travel Adventures

Family travel is a wonderful bonding opportunity, and if you're adventurous, you're sure to hit on family activities that kids (not to mention their parents!) will remember forever. Of course, as anyone with a family knows, traveling together can also present some very real challenges. Chief among them: How do you find trips to suit all the adventu...
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Cruising Italy's Amalfi Coast

Awash in history and natural beauty, Italy's Amalfi Coast is best seen from the water, where visitors are perfectly positioned to admire hillsides dotted with ancient villages, terraced gardens and cascading blooms. (Bonus: You won't have to face driving a rental car along the notoriously challenging 25-mile coastal drive).
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