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Vacation Planning with the Kids

The key to ensuring your family has a wonderful vacation? Make sure the kids do.  And the first step towards planning a happy family vacation is to get the family involved.  Older children, especially pre-teens, appreciate being asked and even helping research aspects of the trip. 
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Posted by Julia OBrien on 4/12/2018
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Intergenerational Trips - Travel Through Time

I heard that being a grandparent was one of the greatest things that could happen to you, and I believed it because of how profoundly being a parent changed my life, and how fondly I remember my grandparents.
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Posted by A Colin Treadwell on 9/14/2017
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Family Travel: It's Back, But It Never Went Away

Family travel is the most natural thing in the world. Before the invention of agriculture 10,000 years ago, family travel didn't have a name. It was just "life." When we talk about family travel, we are getting very close to the core of human existence. We modern humans are evolved from people who traveled in extended family groups their whole live...
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Posted by A Colin Treadwell on 6/23/2016
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"Memories of Mount Rushmore"
by Tauck Director Elizabeth Goetsch

When I was 10 years old, my Girl Scout troop went to Mount Rushmore. I said “went” but the trip involved so much more. We had to plan the trip (each step of planning fueled my anticipation!). We had to read and research about where we were going (at a library, as nobody in my troop had heard of the internet then). We had to raise money ...
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"My Most Memorable Family Travel Moment” by Tauck Director
Elizabeth Goetsch

As a Tauck Director, I am incredibly familiar with the itineraries I run. I am often asked if I get bored running the same tour over and over. I don't get bored, as each week feels different than the week before. With all the familiarity of the tour I sometimes forget that I, too, can be moved by the same experiences as my guests.
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