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Tours, Events and Other Parties

A tour was never just a series of places on a map. In Arthur Tauck Sr.’s historic first classified ad for a tour of New England he used the word “party” three times in just a few sentences. He knew what he wanted.
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Posted by A Colin Treadwell on 6/9/2016
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The Kentucky Derby: Tradition Reigns at the “Run for the Roses”

To me, from the wonderful “big hats” worn – and Mint Juleps sipped – by spectators at Louisville’s Churchill Downs to the garland of red roses adorning the winning horse, the Kentucky Derby is all about tradition. Some of the Derby’s many time-honored traditions date all the way back to the famous annual thorough...
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"Horsing Around"...
The Equestrian World of Tauck

I am certainly no expert on horses. I appreciate their power and beauty, and enjoy watching them at races, rodeos, equestrian events and in Westerns. But the fact is that I’ve only been atop or in close proximity with horses a handful of times in my life. And I recently realized that most of those moments have occurred on Tauck trips. So I th...
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Grand Travel Events
for a Grand New Year in 2015

I wrote this on January 2nd from InterContinental Paris Le Grand Hotel, an icon of luxurious Parisian society since 1862 in the heart of the City of Light! Here in Paris, and in Yosemite in December, 300 Tauck guests and dozens of staff “rang in 2015 and our 90th Year” at two extraordinary Tauck Events – "The Tauck Yosemite Event...
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Colorful Celebrations That
Brighten Up Wintertime Blues

If the mere thought of spending a long cold winter inside has you shivering with dread, consider making plans to join in one of the most colorful celebrations around the world that parade into February with all the heat and excitement of a summertime soiree.
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The Ultimate Jazz Experience

Louis Armstrong once said, “Every time I close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine – I look right in the heart of good old New Orleans... It has given me something to live for.” Although he hit it big in Chicago in the 1920s and later became a legend throughout the world, Armstrong was a New Orleans native. To me, “Satchmo&...
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Posted by Rich Mancini on 11/21/2014
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Tags: Food, Ken Burns, Museums, Tauck Events, Jazz, New Orleans

Heading to Cooperstown: Tauck’s Baseball Hall of Fame Event

For Major League Baseball players and managers, “going to Cooperstown” – making it into the National Baseball Hall of Fame – is the absolute pinnacle of a career in our national pastime. Of approximately 17,000 ballplayers who’ve played in the major leagues since the 1870s, and thousands more from the Negro Leagues, fe...
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Posted by Rich Mancini on 6/5/2014
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
Tags: Ken Burns, Tauck Events, Museums

Tauck Baseball Event with Ken Burns Celebrates Baseball Hall of Fame’s 75th Year

Baseball lovers are in for a treat in 2014 as the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum celebrates its 75th anniversary. The Cooperstown, N.Y.-based museum will host a special Tauck event July 31 through August 3 where participants will have the opportunity to meet filmmaker Ken Burns (creator of the award-winning 1994 documentary&n...
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Hitting The Perfect High Note With Tauck

When CherylAnne Williams learned that Tauck had partnered with the filmmaker Ken Burns to produce travel experiences exploring the themes of his films, she was immediately intrigued. “I knew if you combined Tauck and Ken Burns you’d get something pretty cool,” she reasoned. The youthful and exuberant 64-year-old CherylAnne was alr...
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Posted by Guest Blogger on 3/8/2013
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Warm Up in These Winter Travel Hot Spots

Winter’s chill may be in the air but that’s no reason to head into hibernation. There are so many heartwarming, totally hot places to warm up to when the temperatures drop that chillin’ is something you can look forward to no matter what the weather!
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Posted by Cindy Clarke on 1/3/2013
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Hurricane Sandy Arrives. Tauck Keeps Rolling.

When “Hurricane Sandy” roared up the Atlantic coast on October 29th, I was in Rome with my husband Peter hosting 180 travelers on our 2012 Roman Holiday Event. The news of impending disaster came as we were enjoying six action-packed days of Renaissance palaces, private operas, newly opened archaeological discoveries, and a private...
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Posted by Robin Tauck on 11/8/2012
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Tags: Tauck Events, Rome, Italy

To Rome, With Love...

You might think this post refers to the latest Woody Allen movie, but it actually refers to a very old TV show of the same title I used to watch as a child. It was a show about a father (John Forsythe) who took his daughters to Rome to live... I remember scenes of the kids playing ball in the cobblestoned streets in the center of this ancie...
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Posted by Brenda MacKellar on 8/23/2012
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