Celebrating 50 years of marriage with Tauck

Posted by Mary-Frances Walsh on 11/1/2012
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I had the pleasure of interviewing Tauck traveler, Mrs. Ginny Morin, regarding the recent trip that she and her husband, Jim, shared with their entire family, in honor of 50 years of marriage – Mary-Frances Walsh

First, congratulations! How did you decide how to mark the occasion?
Being married for 50 years is miraculous these days… We met in a grocery store in Ticonderoga, NY. I was a cashier; Jim was packing groceries. He’d been laid off from a construction job due to a cement strike... Five years later – after we completed college – we married. We’re very blessed with three children who are all healthy, all parents, and all engineers who married engineers. 

About two years ago we were out at a restaurant where we saw another couple celebrating their 50th. Jim asked how I wanted to celebrate our own. “You’re not going to want to hear it,” was my response. I didn’t want a party, didn’t want to worry about who to invite and who not to invite – and we didn’t need any more ‘stuff’ in the form of gifts. I wanted our whole family to be together. I wanted to go on a Tauck tour.

Family Celebration

Why Tauck?
I had traveled to Europe with another tour company (on my own) and came home to a stack of credit card bills; the costs not included in the tour price had quickly racked up. That experience made me decide to give Tauck a try. Jim and I took our first Tauck trip together in the early 1990s. For 30 years he had traveled extensively with his job and had never traveled on a tour before and wasn’t for it…  But he quickly changed his tune, beginning with our room at the Phoenix Ritz Carlton. With all-included activities, Tauck doesn’t nickel and dime you to death. And there are such nice people on the tours. We are sold on Tauck. And after a dozen trips we knew Tauck would do a great job with our family.

How did you decide on the Tauck Bridges trip, Red Rocks & Painted Canyons?
Our family likes to be outside doing things and when I looked at the activities offered on this trip, I knew it would be perfect for our grandkids (from 14 to 21 years old). Also, our kids and grandkids had never been out West and we had never been to Zion or Bryce Canyon national parks.

Family Celebration

What did the family think of the trip?
My daughter-in-law so nicely phrased it, “Your 50th set a new standard!” The activities were super; there was always something to do and the kids were never bored. They were so impressed with the national parks and the hiking. At the end of the trip, the kids were crying; they didn’t want to leave. 

Was it comfortable traveling as a group within a group?
Yes, but before we left, we talked with everyone in the family about being aware that we should be open and friendly toward everyone else in our Tauck group. Our Tauck Director was just super. She was very discerning and so smooth in making the most of our time together… like making sure that all 14 of us were on the same Colorado River raft and aboard the same flightseeing plane. She helped arrange a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam and the grandkids loved it, especially the four in college.

When did you begin planning?
Two years in advance, including waiting a year so that the college-aged kids, who had summer jobs, could join us. 

Any recommendations?
Family CelebrationI had the idea of a holding a contest to design a family shirt for the trip, but my kids gave me a hard time – thinking back to when I made them dress alike as little kids, which they hated. So we shifted gears. Jim designed the front of the shirt: The Morin Family, Celebrating 50 Years – something an engineer would write! And we held a competition for the sayings on the sleeves: “Why are all these people dressed like me?” and “You won’t be laughing when you’re lost!” were the winning combinations. The shirts were a one-day deal, just after our rafting trip. It was a bad hair day, but the Tauck group loved it. 

Did the trip work well as a family celebration?
We know we did the right thing, because we all just keep talking about it. We’ll relive it – forever and ever.



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